Body Psychotherapy

Would you like to:​

  • Feel better in yourself

  • Feel more resilient and able to cope with life's changes and stresses

  • Have a sense of inner calmness

  • Life direction and purpose

  • Have loving, positive relationships

  • Experience more joy and pleasure

  • Be comfortable speaking up in a truthful way

  • Feel supported

Then this work can help you.

Core Energetics is a modality of personal growth and healing that involves not only the talking therapy of psychotherapy, it also recognises the role of the body and how you breathe and how you hold tension, as an integral part of the whole self involved in how you feel and how you experience yourself in the world.

This is where I can help.  Together we can unpack what's happening, I can support you where you are and help to create change in ways that really work for you.

Therapy can be a life-changing decision.