Body Psychotherapy

Core Energetics is a modality of healing that involves not only the talking therapy of psychotherapy, it also recognises the role of the body and the breath  in facilitating real change. From a very young age, we create strategies of taking care of ourselves in order to survive.  These strategies include the way we breathe and the way we hold our body.  While important when we're young, these techniques don't always serve us as adults.  


We look at transforming what are unconscious ways of being and patterns of behaviour and bring consciousness.  From being aware, we can make choices.



I'm passionate about Core Energetics body psychotherapy.

What I love the most about Core work is the recognition of the whole person. Bring yourself forward into the work and you will be rewarded with deep transformation.

I have found that while it can sometimes be challenging when we work deeply, the change itself seems to happen naturally.  Expansion and new ways of being in the world occur almost effortlessly.


Are you dealing with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Grief or loss

  • Challenging relationships

  • Serious health issues

  • Struggling to find meaning in your life

  • Wanting to release patterns of behaviour that aren't serving you any more

  • Do you find it difficult to be in social situations

Would you like to:

  • Feel more resilient and able to cope with life's changes and stresses

  • Have a sense of inner calmness

  • Life direction and purpose

  • Loving, positive relationships

  • A life with more joy and pleasure

  • An ability to speak up for yourself in a caring, truthful way

Then this work can help you.