Sara Higgins

I believe that we each want to feel well.  To live a life that has passion, pleasure, fulfilment and happiness.  To feel strong, capable, resilient.  To have meaningful connection to others and a deep knowing of our Self.

Hello and welcome!

I'm Sara Higgins and I am a Core Energetics Psychotherapist, Reflexologist and Yoga Teacher.

If you've found your way here you are likely feeling the need for support in some way.

Whether it is physical, perhaps you are dealing with a chronic health issue, or experiencing depression or anxiety.  You may feel a desire for more passion in your life, to feel more alive, to experience healthy relationships. 


I can help you create transformative change. 


My passion is helping people create real change in their lives, to give you the support that we all need at different times. 

I work with individuals, couples and groups in person at my practice in Brisbane. 

I am also available online for therapy and yoga sessions via Zoom.

clinic: Auchenflower, Brisbane 

mobile:    0472 727 244 


You are welcome to use this guided meditation.